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Marcel reichranicki was a polishborn german literary critic and member of the. Born in wloclawek, poland, the son of a merchant, reichranicki moved with his family to berlin in 1929, where he was able to finish high school in 1938 but as a polish jew was not permitted to study at the university afterwards. He was regarded as one of the most influential contemporary literary critics in the field of german literature and has often been called literaturpapst pope of literature in germany. Read on wikipedia edit history talk page print download pdf. September 18, 20 93 frankfurt, hesse, germany immediate family. With matthias schweighofer, katharina schuttler, maja maranow, joachim krol. Born in wloclawek, poland, the son of a merchant, reichranicki moved with his. Reichranicki, marcel 1920, german journalist and literary critic. Son of david reich and helene reich husband of teofila reichranicki father of private brother of private and private. Marcel reichranicki, seen here in 2010, was born in poland to jewish parents. He wis regardit as ane o the maist influential contemporary leeterary creetics in the field o german leeteratur an haes eften been cried literaturpapst pape o. It was easy to understand why he felt it was a good idea to escape to germany with his wife and son. Wagner was the biggest antisemite in german culture but. Marcel reichranicki, original name marcel reich, born june 2, 1920, wloclawek, polanddied september 18, 20, frankfurt am main, germany, polishborn german columnist and television personality who became germanys most influential literary critic reich grew up in berlin and warsaw.

Reichranicki is survived by their son, andrew, a professor of. Marcel reichranicki is remarkable for both his unlikely life story and his brilliant career as the pope of german letters. Dieses sehr hart ausfallende urteil fallt marcel reichranicki uber thomas mann. Andrew alexander ranicki geburtsname andrzej aleksander ranicki. Marcel reichranicki wurde im sternzeichen zwilling geboren. Marcel reichranicki ist tot bilder seines lebens kultur. Reichranickis wife and son encouraged him to write an autobiography before it was too late. Sep 26, 2014 walter flemmer im gesprach mit marcel reichranicki 28. Nun ist marcel reich ranickis leben bald im tv zu sehen. Sep 18, 20 marcel reich ranicki, seen here in 2010, was born in poland to jewish parents. During world war ii his jewish parents were confined to the warsaw ghetto and were then killed at. Marcel reichranicki simple english wikipedia, the free. On their return to poland, reichranicki was arrested, as part of an internal purge.

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