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In american football, the 53 defense is a defensive alignment consisting of five down linemen and three linebackers. Mccartney graduated from eastern michigan university in 1997. This overload blitz 33 5 defense will overwhelm the offensive line. Below is an actual progression from a few years ago, but rather than just share this, i would like to discuss some considerations that need to be made when putting together a install. Auto joiner, auto tunnel, warcraft hotkeys, quick chat du.

Chad hetlet stopping the run from the 35 defense youtube. A versatile cad file viewer and analyzer that provides support for a variety of file formats, enabling you to open 3d models and assemblies workxplore 3d 4. The laser blitz out of the 53 defense is a great way to take away one side of the field. The 43 defense is the most popular defense in football today. Since the basics of a 34 defense went over well, lets move on to the next 3 down lineman scheme. In american football, the 53 defense is a defensive alignment consisting of five down linemen. Introduction important things to know about the robber defense. The dawgs are lbdb hybrids that will play on the edge against the run and must be versatile players for pass coverage and blitzing. The dvd details the key factors involved in defending the run with the 35. West virginia will throw a new look at clemsons offense that they have not faced this year. The 33 defense is as effective a scheme as there is in football today, partially because its not as widespread as the more common 43 or 34 defensive schemes. In order for a team to be good, really good, they have to first be good on defense. Jackies auto body accepts all types of insurance claims and is on the preferred insurance list.

In fact, it looks almost identical to the gap8 except that the weakside defensive guard is dropped back off the line to become a middle linebacker. The arizona 335, on first glance at the game film uses their defense in a multitude of looks. The three inside backers we call the mike, the sam and the will. One of the great benefits of firstdown playbooks 5 3 bear youth defense is that it makes pulling offensive linemen harder with the center and guards all covered up. A look at west virginias 33 odd stack defense shakin the. It is a defense that is built to counter todays popular spread offenses while still remaining sound against the traditional run heavy offenses.

Most of us have grown up and become familiar with the game of football as a roughtough game where we put our hands in the dirt and battle to. You can have them start to creep up as the offense begins their snap count. The fewer people who know about it, the better off they are. To the amateur eye, how different defenses are set up on the football field can be confusing to grasp. Chris brown is the author of the essential smart football, an excellent book detailing some of football s key strategies and ideas. Why are more high school, middle school and youth coaches not using it. If you missed the writeup on the 34, you can find it here. Get a free clinic video download by clicking here and signing up. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. The key to a successful football season lies with one group, the defense. Guardiolas vision in defense and the importance of the high press new, 9 comments an examination of the fundamentals of guardiolas 4141 in defense and how this team is different from the treble winning side of a year ago. How will the cowboys generate pressure on 3rdandlong while keeping seven in coverage late in the 4th quarter of the super bowl. This overload blitz 335 defense will overwhelm the offensive line.

Since the linebackers are stacked, it will generates confusion at the line of scrimmage. Choosing the right defense, such as the 53 or 44 defenses, is vital to a successful. Visit espn to view the south florida bulls team stats for the 2019 season. Not sure why a hunting rifle is disqualified from defense use. We can blitz and i have some pretty aggressive players i just n. Merge songs online, combine mp3 online audio joiner.

In 2014, he was the defensive line coach at arizona christian university phoenix, ariz. The defending team have to try and stop the other team scoring and pass into the target players. When you line up against most youth football offenses you can count on a fair amount of pulling by the guards and tackles. If you missed the writeup on the 3 4, you can find it here. Defense is based on two standard formations, the 623, and the 5 33. Positions the 3 line positions will be the e, n, and e. Best soccer drills of 2017 joner 1on1 football training. If you have dominant youth football nose guard and a physical mike linebacker then the 53 defense might be perfect for you this fall. I dont buy the too far away and it isnt defense line. Laser blitz out of the 53 defense youth football online. I saw 34, 425, 35, and 43 looks used on various possessions. May 01, 2015 football punditry is desperately behind the ball in terms of using accurate and descriptive terminology to explain whats happening today on the football field.

Dec 23, 2012 the 4 3 defense has been one of the most successful defenses over a long period of time in the history of football. I have been asked several times in the last few days if i could share information about fall camp defensive installation progression. Free game demo, patch and trailer downloads softpedia games. Positions dline t tackle center in a gap, one gap away from ng. During his seasons as head coach at texas tech and the years that followed, spike dykes was a legend in every sense of the word. May 20, 2007 welcome to bleepingcomputer, a free community where people like yourself come together to discuss and learn how to use their computers. Learn seven of the most common defensive formations in. A compact application that helps users synchronize and backup files, while offering support for scheduling operations and remote options bestsync 2015 10. The target players then change with the attacking team. The attackig team have 4 players who try to score in te goal. Known for his passionate play, he was a 10time allpro, 12time pro bowl selection, and named to the nfl 1990s alldecade team. An explanation of the 353 defense for american football. This is not the theory, this is how i have run the this defense, in complete detail.

The 35 stack defense is a great defense because it can easily adjust to any offense. Youll often hear talking points about a team in the draft or in recruiting that revolves around finding ideal fits for a 4 3 or 3 4 base defense. Advancing your football career through coaches helping coaches master of arts in coaching and athletic administration. Teams have won with the 4 3 defense at every level, from youth football to high school, college and the nfl. Most of the superior athletic teams use standard 33 defense the essential foundation of the robber defensive coverage.

Some people call it the 30 stack defense, others will refer to it as the 33 stack defense and still some will call it the 35 defense. Since the basics of a 3 4 defense went over well, lets move on to the next 3 down lineman scheme. The sam doesnt need to move a whole lot and can be a. It allows the users to easily and quickly join more than one video file of different formats to one file of a specified format including avi, mp4, flv, wmv, etc. While the concept of rushing an olb in the 34 is simple there are multiple choices the defense can make to help make a basic call more versatile. January 19, 1969 may 2, 2012 was an american professional football player who was a linebacker in the national football league nfl. View consensus overall prospect rankings from the top nfl draft analysts. A very useful defense against spread and other option offenses slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Coach albaughs 4 video series is a complete guide to the simplest 3 5 3 and is all you need to dive into the 353 and run it with success next season. Have a look inside monte kiffin and rod marinellis defensive line. Make sure you slant your defense to the side the offense is likely to run. Wave practice back 3 defensive shape gk and back 3 defend the goal for 4 minutes. Contains running options to the middle of the field.

No matter what you call it, there is no denying that it has become a popular defense to defend. Illustrative analysis of the 731 defense by john t. Steve owen, my kind of football, david mckay, 1952, p. As a former offensive coach i can tell you that regardless of talent level, the 33 defense was one of my least favorite schemes to prepare for because you never knew what you would. Dec 30, 2011 a look at west virginias 3 3 odd stack defense. Veteran college football defensive coordinator joe lee dunn is widely credited with. Defending the power runs, run fits and option responsibilities. Auto joiner, auto tunnel, warcraft hotkeys, quick chat all is included in a single lightweight and free software. Best soccer drills of 2017 joner 1on1 football training joner 1on1 football training. We have 3 down linemen who will slant strong slant or angle weak slant based on the call. This is one of the ppt that coach john rice sent for his interview on the show tonight on the red zone show. In its current form, it has survived over 30 years of change on the offense side. Learn how to play and run a 53 defense with expert football tips and advice from a former football player in this free football defense video series. This playbook utilizes multiple slantsblitzes to shut down offenses.

The mantra for offensive coaches was, three things can happen when you pass, and two of them are bad. The great thing about being so strong down the middle and having three linebackers to scrape and clean up any messes is that it allows you to play some games out on the edge. Modern defense and the 245 vs the 335 football study hall. Includes all of the terminology necessary to install the entire system, with detailed explanations and over 150 illustrations of how to stop football s most explosive running play with the 335 defense. On the outlaw technique the rushing olb sam plays the d gap and the ilb mike plays the c gap on flow to the te. Jackies auto body is located at 19888 veterans highway, port charlotte. Aug 07, 2007 whats up guys, ive looked through the forum and found some information on the 5 3 but im looking for a playbook, or something pretty simple, im coaching 8 and 9 year olds and this is my first year coaching so i need something simple. Ppt 353 defense powerpoint presentation, free download.

Our big board is updated regularly leading up to the 2020 nfl draft. May 12, 2016 how 4 3 defenses are evolving to stop the smashmouth spread new, 8 comments twoback running games combined with spread formations and runpass options have done a lot of damage to popular 4 3 defenses. May 30, 2007 i have another book on the 3 5 3 defense that overloads the reader with more stunts than you could ever hope to run. How to run a 53 football defense football wonderhowto. Today i am going to be looking at the 433, particularly on the defensive side of things. Our 2020 dst dynasty and keeper rankings are updated daily. Defense is based on two standard formations, the 623, and the 533. Holes can be tough for qbs to find as defenders are in gaps that are commonly open versus a cover 2 defense. A threat is a threat, you can be shot at from a distance, or someone else can be in danger and you dont have time or chance to get closer. The great thing about being so strong down the middle and having three linebackers to scrape and clean up any messes is that it allows you. Yellow triangles are defensive linemen, yellow squares are linebackers, yellow circles are defensive backs the 5 3 is a defense that appeared in the 1930s due to the demands of the everimproving passing attacks of the time, as well as innovations in the t formation in 1933, pro football s passing rules were liberalized. The 326 defense and how offense lost it on second down new, 73 comments the defense unveiled an interesting.

The app can combine multiple songs online without having to install anything on your computer. This usually means many coaches will certainly not fully grasp how to scheme against it due to unfamiliarity. The linebackers should be 34 yards off of the ball. Defensive installation progression you can do more.

A library of over,000 free and freetotry games, tools, patches, trainers and other gaming resources. My log hjt page 4 virus, trojan, spyware, and malware. It supports crossfading and all popular file formats. Well, that has all changed in todays football and the ball is being thrown all over the place. He started coaching football in 1995 and has been either a head coach or defensive coordinator for 16 of those years. The two strong safeties in this defense need to be jack of all trades. Strong, then in his second season as the defensive coordinator for south carolina, had gone to columbia, sc to join head coach lou holtz in an. Jack and regina run a first class operation and are always available to give a free estimate. If you as an individual, have decided and dedicated your body and mind, to football, your team, and your coaches, then success can become a reality.

West coast offensive play book free download as pdf file. Jun 23, 2017 if you have dominant youth football nose guard and a physical mike linebacker then the 5 3 defense might be perfect for you this fall. Youth football coaches association helping to provide resources to make youth coaches better teachers. Features a complete playbook for the 335 defense, capable of dealing with all of the problems that may confront a modern defense.

However, before i jump into that, id like to go over some common defensive setups, or blocks, as. Trust the pros to make your vehicle like new again. Learn how to play and run a 5 3 defense with expert football tips and advice from a former football player in this free football defense video series. The zone blitz the zone blitz that many high school teams can use. Firstdown playbook is a comprehensive coaching site with football play drawings and schemes for youth, flag, highschool, college and pro nfl football. College and nfl teams have been using it for years. The 353 stack defense football playbook is an attacking defense.

I use a 3 4 as my base defense and the 4 3 as my changeup defense and i am currently trying to find a way to incorporate some of the 3 5 3 defense to my defensive package. Hope you enjoy, and i eagerly await whatever debates might spring up from this, lets talk football. The base 44 defense is a run stopping defense in its truest form. Click here for usa football event updates and postponements. The will is the most athletic of the three and will be put in man coverage sometimes. Taking a look at ulms 335 defense college and magnolia. The 353 defense is strange to many coaches the 353 defense is still comparatively unusual at the lower levels of american football.

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