2010 fastpitch rule book

Girls fastpitch softball rules girls fastpitch softball. Characteristics of approved equipment cannot be changed. As the umpires arrive at the field for a female fast pitch game, the umpires notice that the left field fence is a 175 feet or b 240 feet. May 2829, 2010 2a fastpitch championships rules and regulations 1. Asa approves pyroflite bat warmer sleeve and amends rule 3. Provide the highest possible athletic experience for every participant through an uncompromising commitment to excellence in sports administration. National fastpitch softball coach of the year 2017. Click here for the 2010 isf playing rule changes with comments. Use your director or uic login and password as you have always done to log in and access your online functions. Neighboring states keeping eyes on wyomings slow embrace of softball. A courtesy runner will be allowed during all games.

Softball rules committee welcomes four new members. A full set of rules and any modification should be available from the league or tournament organizer. However, the committee acknowledges that several important rules pertain directly to two or more areas of the game e. The association shall also do business as independent softball association, inc. Alabamas libby baker sets softball national record. The official tournament ball will be the baden 2bsfpy lexum optic yellow softball, raised red stitch. The ncaa softball rules committee roster is available online at. Featuring ncaa, nfhs, usssa and usa softball rule sets by billy martin, tim malloy, et al. Perhaps the biggest rule change for 2010 is moving the fast pitch pitching distance to 43 feet for 18u rec and 16u rec and travel games. Be safe out there, and we look forward to seeing everyone in panama city beach for the usfa world series in july. I hope you have received your new 2010 rule books and have begun. The primary governing bodies are the american softball association asa, the national softball association nsa, the united. If you are a director or uic you already have an account.

The only variation between the two programs is the modified pitching rules, which can be found in rule 6. The coach, pitcher or catcher of the defensive team may request an intentional walk either before or during the pitch count. The national uic will travel to different areas and hold clinics if needed. The ball used is covered in a synthetic material or leather, and must have a size of 10 inches, 11 inches or 12 inches to comply with the rules. I think this is going to be great for the game, as 43 feet is the same pitching distance as college softball and now high school softball also moving their pitching distance back to 43 feet in 2010. United states fastpitch association softball, showcase. North american fastpitch association rules of softball.

The online rule book supersedes the printed edition there are no other rule books that govern usssa fastpitch. The asa is generally recognized by most softball related organizations as the overall rule making and governing body. National federation of state high school associations. They are responsible for helping train new umpires and handle rule changes pertaining to their programs in the rule book. This online rule book is designed with the knowledge that we provide a printed copy of the rules with registrations each year. In addition, approved bats shall not be rolled, shaved or modified to change their characteristics from that produced by the manufacturer. Each book contains diagrams of playing areas, official signals, and official interpretations and rulings. The north american fastpitch association is constantly updating the rules of fastpitch. This change to allow intentional walks was enacted to align fast pitch and slow pitch rules, to keep up with current trends of the sport, and also to maximize the flow of the game. Examples include icing or cooling of any equipment.

Independent softball association girls fastpitch softball. Usssa fastpitch rules usssa united states specialty sports. The 2010 national federation rule book will be used for all games. Wherever he or him or their related pronouns may appear in this rule book either as. The ultimate guide to ncaa nfhs asa usssa fast pitch softball rules by billy martin, tim malloy, et al. Pyroflite, a producer of microwavable softball bat warmers and other sports warming products, gets the amateur softball association to overturn rule 3 section 7 for the 2010 rule book and. Event searchvenuesfacilitiesusssa points structure. Panama city beach world series is scheduled for july. From this page you can access the monthly files intended to sharpen your skills as a usa softball umpire.

The run rules and game times being used will be listed for each event under the rules section of the event website if you would like to order a nfhs softball rule book you may do so by going to and selecting the 2020 softball rules book. Fast pitch states that a defensive player shall not at any time during the. The term used by an umpire to order the suspension of play in a game. The following rules govern play in both the fastpitch and modified programs of the national softball association. A regulation bat for fastpitch softball has a maximum length of 34 inches and weighs no more than 38 ounces. If there is an illegal pitch and the batter reaches first base safely and each other runner advances at least one base, the illegal pitch is nullified. The basics are to stare at an object that wont move during the game, such as a sign permanently attached to the backstop, then breathe in slowly in. Make sure to use this flip book for your portable device.

In pool play, no inning shall start after 1 hour and. All players and coaches must comply with the 2010 asa rule book, rule 3 section 6. Rules for softball for girls 9 to 10 years old sportsrec. Each book contains diagrams of playing areas, official signals, and offical interpretations and rulings. Mission statement develop, direct and promote the sport of amateur softball through a coordinated effort. Helmets must cover the entire head and both ears, and are to be worn at all times by players.

The fastpitch field diagram base and pitching measurement 60 bases. I have been an advocate of taking a slow, deep breath also known as a cleansing breath in lamaze circles ever since reading the book heads up baseball by tom hanson and ken ravizza, which in my opinion is the bible of the mental game. Nations fastpitch association rule book official fast pitch playing rules and bylaws 2012. Interactive tournament tools interactive tournament tools interactive tournament tools. If additional information is made available, allow a legally batted ball declared foul to be changed when it is a dead ball award. This userinteractive application contains the complete version of the 2019 official rules of softball. Each book contains diagrams of playing areas, official. The league or tournament may also modify certain rules for a specific fastpitch softball season or tournament. The change to rule 112b was made after two member state associations experimented with 43 feet florida for four years and oregon for one year. Asa rule book asa rule books are a benefit of membership and are only distributed by the asa commissioner or their staff. This provides the general rules, but may not have the latest update of rules for the nafa youth 8u to 18u. Coaches surveyed within these states were overwhelmingly supportive of the change.

A vailable for all participants of softball including umpires, coaches, parents, players and. Other prerequisites including the points just described, following are 10 prerequisites which will go a long way toward helping every umpire gain the respect and confidence heshe is striving to attain in becoming a toprated umpire. This will ensure we have good contact information for. Girls fastpitch softball is starting back up, after being down for a month.

All playing rules and regulations will be governed by the 2010 asa official guide and rule book. You will also find the proposed rule changes for the coming. Rule clarifications and plays welcome to the rule clarifications and plays umpire page. Softball offers something for everyone from worldclass international competitions with professional and. Blue book 60 provides the ultimate teaching and reference tool for umpires, coaches, and players that need to understand the nuances of fast pitch softball rules. In organizing the text for this book, the afa rules committee attempted to place each rule under its most logical heading. Creating a better balance between the offense and the defense was the major rationale for the rule change. It includes information on the usssa national rulebook, c and recallstar program rule exceptions. New york high school softball pitcher strikes out all 21 batters in. Rule change pitching rule 611 penalty exception 1 an illegal pitch remains a delayeddead ball. Dead ball and suspension of play deadball and delayed deadball tables rule 6. A run rule of fifteen after three, twelve after four innings, or eight after five full innings will apply asa rule 5, section 9. If you are a coach or team manager, or an umpire you must create an account first before you can apply for membership.

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