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Booked up archer city 2020 all you need to know before you. Mcmurtry was born in 1936 in archer city, texas, where he grew up on a ranch. Booked up operates out of archer city, tx and specializes in literature. His paradise, though tinged with regret, is paradise enow. Larry mcmurtrys used book store sold off three quarters of its stock at. Larry mcmurtry books list of books by author larry mcmurtry. It opened in 1987 but outgrew its small space, so he bought a larger building and changed the name to booked up the same name as the washington store he founded in 1971 with his old friend and longtime business partner, marcia carter, a formidable collector in her own right, who still. A 1912 edition of her textbook that we found at larry mcmur trys bookstore in archer city. Larry mcmurtry is most widely known as an accomplished author, but his involvement in the literary field began when he started scouting rare books in the 1950s and 1960s. Will archer city survive without larry mcmurtrys bookstores. New octogenarian senior citizen, pulitzer prizewinning novelist, academy awardwinning screenwriter, and booked up megabookstore owner larry mcmurtry was born on june 3, 1936 in wichita falls, texas.

Bidders and their guests squeezed into narrow rows. Screenwriter, novelist, essayist, and bookseller larry mcmurtry is well known for his novels terms of endearment and the last picture show, and his pulitzerprizewinning saga lonesome dove, the films of terms of endearment, the last picture show, and his screenplay adaptation of brokeback mountain have all won academy awards. The redemption for mcmurtry, and perhaps for the town, is his decision to keep booked up no. Visiting larry mcmurtry at booked up a change in the wind. In 1969, he moved to the washington, dc, area, and in 1970 with two partners started a bookshop in georgetown which he named booked up. Larry mcmurtry is most widely known as an accomplished author, but his. But what people might not know about larry mcmurtry is he is also a rarebook scout. Mcmurtrys first novel is a succinct initiation story of a boys leaving the ranch to roam the world. Larry mcmurtry, arguably texass most famous living author. Mcmurtry revisits american west in newest book ap published 1. His books, a handpicked collection sold out of four stores he named booked up, defined archer city for decades. Mcmurtrys first bookstore in archer city, called the blue pig, was run by one of his sisters, sue deen. Larry mcmurtrys love of books and creative writings are displayed with such passion. A book collector, he purchased a rare book store in washington, d.

Even during his career as a writer and professor, he taught english and creative writing at rice university, larry continued his involvement in the rare book trade and opened up his own shop. He managed a bookstore in houston, and started a bookshop, booked up, with partners in washington, d. Larry mcmurtry biography life, family, children, name. He won the pulitzer prize for his frontier epic lonesome dove. If you have not visited this sweet little town, its worth the trip. In 1970, he opened a book store with friends called booked up book store in washington, d. He brings most of them into his crammed used book emporium in tiny archer. Mark busby the austin chronicle paradise is a tight little book. In 1988 he opened a second booked up in archer city, establishing the town as an american book city. My husband has been wanting to go to archer city to visit larry mcmurtrys rare and fine book store, booked up for a long time. His novel lonesome dove was awarded the pulitzer prize for literature in 1986. Author larry mcmurtry holds auction of book town inventory. This is the killer kickstarter pitch for a new proposed film project with the cantgowrong title of books.

Chroniclemichael paulsen but he began to worry that all these books would. When larry mcmurtry began moving his vast book collection from washington, d. Mcmurtry later opened a branch of booked up in his hometown. Although larry mcmurtry worked as a cowhand on his fathers texas cattle ranch until he was 22, he never aspired to be a rancher. The next day, i was heading north on route 281 for archer city, where mcmurtry and his wife. City for a huge book auction hosted by the writer larry mcmurtry, who planned.

Amazon can probably get a copy to the white house by drone in about 10 minutes. Larry mcmurtry books, ebooks, audiobooks, biography. But, as is pointed out on the booked up website, we are not closing. He was born to william jefferson mcmurtry, a rancher, and his wife hazel ruth.

Awarded in 2014 the national humanities medal for his body of work, his novels include lonesome dove and, most recently, the last kind words saloon. He remembers setting up booked up in washington dc and gives an intriguing description of the citys book scene during the early 1970s. Mcmurtry describes how the 1970s was a decade of flux in the antiquarian booktrade with many established used bookstores closing due. Mcmurtry then taught at american university in washington, d.

Because mcmurtrys editors required significant edits, this is. In addition to the theater, which is now an outdoor stage for concerts and plays, there is booked up larry mcmurtrys book store, and a dang good dairy queen. Larry mcmurtrys book auction in texas the new york times. See all books authored by larry mcmurtry, including lonesome dove, and streets. He managed a bookstore in houston, and started a bookshop, booked up. Fort worth, mcmurtry opened booked up, filling five empty storefronts in. Booked up archer city 2020 all you need to know before. Booked up carries between 150,000 and 200,000 fine and scholarly books. A memoir 259 pages, mcmurtry brings his tales of how he fell in love reading books, growing up in archer city, tx, and how that love eventually lead to becoming a book scout, dealer and eventually book store owner, booked up in georgetown, in dc, starting in the early 70s.

Mcmurtry later added locations in archer city, texas, and tucson, arizona. Author larry mcmurtry at the start of an event to auction off much of the stock from his fourbuilding literary mecca, booked up, in. Owning many second hand bookstores called booked up, mcmurtry is always on the hunt for good books. Great american and western author larry mcmurtry loves books and collects them. While studying at stanford, mcmurtry first became a rarebook scout and later put this expertise to use as the manager or owner of some 26 bookshops. Booked up began its life in march 1971 on a corner in georgetown, washington, d. A book collector, mcmurtry purchased a rare book store in washington, d.

This past august over 300,000 antiquarian books from larry mcmurtrys booked up were sold at auction. Growing up, larry had to perform many of the tasks necessary for running a ranch. His novels include the last picture show, terms of endearment, lonesome dove winner of the 1986 pulitzer prize for fiction, folly and gloryand rhino ranch. Heres a picture of mcmurtry, from a photo posted in one of his bookstores in booked up. Larry mcmurtry is known for his novels terms of endearment and his 1985 pulitzer prizewinning novel lonesome dove, among many other things. Some were bargains and some very pricey larry mcmurtrys signed books were pricey. But last week, feeling inspired by my rediscovered books, i picked up the phone and called the shop. I was in awe of all the old and used books in this store and it was almost endless. The town itself is fun, like stepping into the movie almost. Larry mcmurtry is an american author and screenwriter of novels set in the west. Mcmurtry amassed 450,000 volumes in his used and rare book business called booked up, whose four buildings dominate the tiny municipality. Larry jeff mcmurtry is an american novelist, essayist, bookseller, and screenwriter whose work is predominantly set in either the old west or in contemporary. If you are fan of the novel or the movie and you have time, it is a fun ride down texas roads. We will continue to operate booked up in building 1 with 150,000 books.

All stock has been purchased and shelved over the last four decades by owner and founder larry mcmurtry. Storyloving mcmurtry grew up with his family on his grandfathers ranch in archer county, texas and graduated from archer city high school in 1954 at age 18. Auctioneers opened bidding on nearly 300,000 titles at booked up, mcmurtrys vast used and rare bookstore that occupies four separate buildings. Then for 32 years he and his business partner, marcia carter, ran booked up, an antiquarian shop in the georgetown section of washington, d. Both the bookstores are among the largest used bookstores of the united. The most famous, houstons bookman, in turn, migrated to washington, dc, where mcmurtry opened georgetowns booked up. Larry mcmurtry auctioned some 300000 used books from his bookstores in archer city, tex. Booked up operates out of archer city, tx and specializes in literature, travel. His books, a handpicked collection sold out of four stores he named booked up. Book folks who came to our auction five years ago may want to enjoy archer city.

Mt may 7, 2014 pulitzer prizewinning author larry mcmurtry sits during a. But booked up didnt care for customers who came for the star rather than the books. Larry mcmurtry is an awardwinning novelist, essayist, and avid bookseller and collector, who won an academy award for the screenplay of brokeback mountain with cowriter diana ossana. Writer larry mcmurtry auctions most of 450,000book. Larry mcmurtry keeping his last hometown bookshop alive the. We are right where we have been for so long on main st. Coming off our spring cover story about mcmurtry, we are as surprised as anyone. Larry mcmurtry opened two bookstores in georgetown, washington d. Larry is the author of numerous novels and essays, and penned several screenplays including brokeback mountain for which he won an academy award. He is best known for his novels terms of endearment, lonesome dove and. Other mcmurtry novels that were adapted for film include the last picture show and terms of endearment.

We operated there for 22 years, selling a general mix of fine and scholarly. Amanda heller the boston globe larry mcmurtry is at his most charming in this shipboard travelogue. Tell us a funny story related to a book tour or book event. While at stanford, mcmurtry became a rarebook scout, and during his years in houston, managed a book store there called the bookman. Larry mcmurtry bids goodbye to books in archer city bookish. Essays on the american west and, most recently, custer. He published his first book, horseman, pass by, which was turned into a movie, when he was just 25. Well, to put it simply, to learn that one of this nations greatest writers has a bookstore a monster bookstore in a famous from the last picture show little town in texas, and whats more hangs out at his store, and can be talked to well, i. He brings most of them into his crammed used book emporium in tiny archer city, a rural city near wichita falls that was the prototype for the fictional thalia in his last picture show literary.

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